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360training.com is a revolutionary company changing the way industries provide education courses to employees. The enterprise also offers courses to the general public, so anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge has the opportunity. Let’s take a deeper look at this company to see how it works and what it offers.

 What Is 360training.com?

 360training.com is one of the leading e-training sites in the world. The company is divided into industry-specific sections so it can provide its clients with targeted education. This is beneficial to both companies and learners.

The company’s vision is to create learners for life. And by offering a wide variety of courses at reasonable prices, businesses and individuals alike can further their industry-related skills.  Colleges and universities tend to offer broad or generic classes; this means most individuals don’t get industry-specific training until hired by a company.

Therein lies the genius of 360training.com. Since the company has created industry-specific learning and training opportunities, businesses have provided quality job-related training to employees. 360training.com provides ample courses to help companies with onboarding and ongoing trainings. This can be very cost-effective for industry leaders, as they don’t have to spend time creating training sessions. They simply use the resources 360training.com provides.

Employees can also use 360training.com to advance their careers. Individuals can find and take courses related to their current industry. This may help them improve their skills and obtain a raise or promotion.

Some of the courses 360training.com offers are for industries such as:

  • Power and utilities
  • Environmental health and safety
  • HR, ethics, and compliance
  • Food and beverage
  • Industrial skills

 What Does a 360training.com Course Cost? 

360training.com has many different pricing options. Some of the cheapest paid courses are around $20. The most expensive training can be close to $3,000. Most are reasonably priced, however, which means most individuals can afford a majority of the courses offered.

A few of the industry-specific training sectors offer a monthly subscription. This allows the learner to access any of the trainings at any time. Monthly subscriptions have the potential to work well for companies who use certain trainings on a regular basis or for an individual who wants to learn a specific subject at his or her own pace.

360training.com also offers free courses. There are limited choices on subjects, but these courses can save the learner or business as much as $85. It’s a fantastic way to try 360training.com out to see if these courses are a good fit for an individual or company, as well.


360training.com has partnership options for individuals and companies. It partners with individuals who work from home and create their own courses. It also partners with colleges and universities to allow them to increase the courses they offer students.

For individuals looking to start an online business or blog, 360training.com offers a great partnership program. If you’re interested in offering e-courses, the company will set up an online store front, provide a library of content, and give the individual a 35-45% commission on each course sold.

For bloggers, 360training.com offers a fantastic affiliate program. The company will provide the blogger with customized affiliate links, discounts and coupons for products, and commissions on sales – with no joining fee. This kind of partnership will continue to build 360training.com’s brand and help the company grow.


360training.com offers an innovative solution for businesses and individuals who want to further their knowledge of any industry. With over 6,000 different e-learning courses, 360training.com has filled a void in the training sector.

Previously, companies had to spend time and money to put a training program or continuing education course together. With 360training.com, this is no longer necessary. Companies that utilize 360training.com find it to be a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional employee training.

By not only providing courses to businesses but to individuals who want to increase their skills and knowledge, 360training.com is certainly on its way to realizing the goal of creating learners for life.

360training.com is a brilliant company that genuinely values learning. This company is on the cutting edge of trainings and e-courses. As long as it continues to operate with learning as its main focus, its success is likely to continue.

E-learning is no longer a new concept. Colleges, universities, and schools have all used e-learning for some time now – and to great success. It’s now time for other industries to begin using e-courses to their full potential. 360training.com helps them do just that.

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