Best Schools For Earning An Online MBA

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Even amidst the proliferation of college qualifications, an MBA degree is one of the most sought after in the world. It is a degree that could lead to a major role in an organization but the trouble is, finding genuine colleges amidst the plethora of diploma mills online is a difficult process. However, many people seeking an MBA degree need to go online because they are unable to attend a traditional educational institution for a variety of reasons. Yet there are a host of top notch accredited universities that offer legitimate MBA degrees and we give you the names of just five below.

Pennsylvania State University
This institution offers a wide range of MBA degree programs, all of which are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). In order to complete this program, you will need to complete 48 credits which are spread out over two years with four terms per year. For students attending in Fall 2012, each term costs $7,294 for a total of $58,532 over the 2 year course. There is also an initial application fee of $65. You have a range of financing options available including deferred payment and third party payments. Although it is expensive, Penn State offers one of the best online MBA degree courses in the world.

Kaplan University
This university is well known for the range of online programs it provides with their MBA degree a highly sought after qualification. One of its major selling points, along with the quality of the degree of course, is the cost. An online MBA degree from Kaplan University is one of the least expensive on the market and costs far less than what you’ll pay when studying online with other colleges. Expect to pay a total of $441 per credit hour with the number of hours available depending on whether you choose the specialization or non-specialization track. The former is 76 hours long for a total cost of $33,516 while the latter is 60 hours in length for a cost of $26,460. Additional fees include a technology fee of $50 a term and a one-off fee of $84.50. Choose between a variety of degrees including marketing, finance, project management and human resources. The Higher Learning Commission provides accreditation to Kaplan University.

Jones International University (JIU)
JIU offers a massive range of specializations when it comes to their online MBA degree including financial analysis, health care management, forensic accounting and negotiation & conflict management. An MBA degree in JIU costs $805 per tuition hour, a graduation fee of $100 and an estimated cost of book supplies of $2,040. The overall cost of the program is likely to be in the region of $31,120 with 36 program hours to be completed and a total course time of two years. JIU is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

As the world of business is more competitive than ever, merely having a bachelors or associate degree is not enough. An MBA degree on the other hand is a qualification that massively improves your chances of being employed and although it may seem expensive, its lifetime value is many times what you initially pay for it.

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    I really balked at the idea getting a degree online, but one of my friends recently took a few classes online. She said the online discussions were much more involved and interesting than in a traditional classroom. Students are more open to discussion online than in class. Also give professors a way to interact with the students. There’s not just the one or two people that always ask/answer questions in class.

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