Tips For Choosing An Online School

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The benefits of studying online are numerous. You are able to enroll in a wide variety of different subjects, the cost of the course is relatively low, and you can study at your own pace. However, in order to get the most from an online school, it’s essential to choose the right establishment.

In an effort to ensure you are able to do just that, below, we’ve put together a few simple tips that can help anyone choosing an online school to be sure they have made the right decision.

#1 – Look at the fee structure

The most important consideration when choosing an online school is the course fees, so this should be the first page you visit when evaluating an online school. If the school clearly explains how the fees are structured and provides advice on any additional expenses you may incur as a result of enrolling, that’s a good sign. Any reputable educational institution will be upfront and honest about course fees; if you have to directly speak to someone to ascertain such basic information, then be extremely cautious.

#2 – Read review from former students

It’s usually best to source reviews yourself rather than relying on the school’s on-site testimonials or reviews page; these pages can be helpful, but they will always focus primarily on the positives of studying with that particular school. Before you commit to a school you need a more rounded viewpoint, so check Facebook and Google reviews to see if some former students offer a more realistic account.

#3 – Check the qualifications you’ll receive upon completion

No two online schools are alike. Some schools will offer a full, educational degree when studies are completed; others offer the learning materials with no recognizable qualifications or accreditations provided at the completion of the course. If you are looking to further your education in order to obtain a qualification that looks good on your resumé, then it’s important to ensure you will actually receive this when the course is complete.

#4 – Browse the course syllabus

Most good online schools will provide a thorough overview of what you will study while on the course. It’s therefore important to read through this carefully in order to check that you will actually be studying what you want to study; course titles can be somewhat misleading, so always double-check the actual syllabus before signing up.

#5 – Look for support information

There are two types of support to keep an eye out for when choosing an online school. The first is comprehensive student support, ideally from tutors; you’ll need to check to see when this kind of assistance is available and ensure it aligns with your intended study schedule. The second type of support is technical support; if you intend to study at night, then it’s usually best to look for 24/7 technical support, so there’s no risk of your studies being delayed by a glitch when there is no one available to help resolve it.

In conclusion

With the tips above in mind, you should find that the task of choosing an online school capable of delivering a great educational experience is as simple as possible.

The Best Value MBA Programs

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Whether you recently graduated from college or you’re looking to go back to school after a period of absence, you’ve decided to procure an MBA. However, you don’t want to get the best quality education for your dollar. Finding the right balance between the two can be difficult, but if you consider my research below, you’ll find a program just right for you that shares quality and affordability.

Louisiana State University

In U.S. News’s article entitled “10 M.B.A.’s With Most Financial Value at Graduation,” MBA programs are evaluated based on debt accrued versus a graduate’s achieved salary. Basically, it shows which schools have the best value despite any initial debt students may receive. Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge comes out at the top of the list since the average student debt is listed at $8,524 and the average starting salary is $54,914.

CUNY Baruch

Nicknamed CUNY Baruch, the City University of New York: Bernard M. Baruch College, has been listed as having a salary-to-debt ratio of 5.5. The average starting salary for a graduate of this school is $81,678, and the average debt for a graduate is $14,746. Even though more loans are taken out than students who graduated from Louisiana State University, graduates are expected to earn more money. This may be due to the school’s proximity to New York City which has a higher cost of living.

San Diego State

If you want to live in the beautiful state of California or if you already call this place home and don’t want to move, San Diego State University may be the perfect place for you to matriculate. This school comes highly suggested by U.S. News, and it ranks in third right behind the other two. The salary-to-debt ratio is listed at 4.1. for this institution. Graduates make an average of $59,236 with their starting salaries, and they have an average of $14,513 in student debt.

Arizona State University

If you’re interested in getting your MBA online, Business MBA’s article “Top 25 Best Value Online MBA Programs” points to Arizona State University as the best program available. The ASU Online MBA program is described as “an AACSB accredited distance MBA program. The program is 48 credit hours long and can be completed in two years.” The short period of time in which the program can be completed adds to its affordability factor. It’s also noted that the tuition and fees come out to $53,200, which can be significantly less than tuition at the traditional physical campuses.

Entering into an MBA program costs a significant sum of money, unless you qualify for a full scholarship or someone else is paying the tuition for you. If you want to stay frugal and avoid wasting any money, look into these schools to get the most for what you pay.

Dominic Chan is a finance student who enjoys reading, kayaking, and learning different languages. He loves to write about his walk through life and The Best Online MBA Programs of 2014.

Prerequisites for Online Nursing School

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Due to the demands of everyday life and trends in the job market, it’s getting more and more common for two things to happen. People prefer to switch careers and join fields that are in high demand. Nursing is a degree that’s always a great return on investment. Additionally, more and more are getting interested in the convenience of pursuing a degree online. If find yourself agreeing with the previous statements, then you need to know what prerequisites to fulfill in order to enroll in such a program. I’ve outlined some over-arching trends below with prerequisites you’re likely to find.

Educational Background

In order to enroll in any kind of higher education program you’re going to be required to complete a previous degree first. If this is for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to finish high school or have a GED. If this is for a master’s degree, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree.  Despite what degree you have earned, some schools will require that you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related health science, and others may accept you into their programs regardless of your particular degree background, so long as you have completed previous coursework. If you’re looking to obtain your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you’ll want to to show that you have a demonstrated passion for the field by getting further health certifications such as a CPA or RN degree.


In order to enroll in classes, you might have to fulfill some prerequisite courses. For example, if you’re interested in enrolling in an organic chemistry class, the school may ask that you have taken biology first. Often, it’s possible to complete these classes over the summer, during breaks, or concurrently, if you really want to get a jump-start on the course the following fall or spring semester. If you’re coming directly from high school, it‘ll help your application if you enroll in at least a few college-level science courses before applying in order to show how successful you can be in a collegiate setting.

Residency Requirements

For online programs, especially when they require hands-on work, you’ll have to complete a residency requirement. You’ll need to spend some of your time on-campus taking classes, participating in labs, or working in a healthcare setting. Before you are able to enroll in a thesis class or some of the upper level courses, you’ll need to have completed this requirement. Make sure you check out the school’s residency requirement before you enroll because this is a prerequisite that you’ll need to reserve time for in order to make it to campus or work for this specific time period − there are hardly ever any exceptions to this rule.

Test Scores

Online schools still require proof of your SAT or ACT scores. Depending on the part of the country where the school is physically located, you will be required to take one or the other. Most schools now can convert test scores so you only end up taking one test. Be sure to find out which test the school accepts before you preparing for and take the test. In order to be accepted, you’ll need to achieve a certain score on your test. Based on how you score after taking the test, you’ll know if you need to retake it. Schools will tell you what scores are required.

Online nursing school means that you’ll get to learn so much and pursue a job that you really love. You’ll make a difference in the world, and you’ll be well-rewarded financially. However, before you can enroll in certain programs, find out what prerequisites are required for the specific program and classes that you are wanting to complete. Get started as soon as you can, so you don’t end up missing out on classes because of unfilled requirements!

Kathy Flute is a nurse who works in an assisted living facility. She enjoys writing about mental health, physical fitness, offering advice to expectant mothers, and the Most Affordable Online Nursing Programs.

Online College Courses: How to Spot & Avoid Scams

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The availability of online college courses now means that it is possible to study according to your own schedule. Instead of having to attend classes at a specific time, you can tailor the online course so it fits around your life, not the other way around. However, it is a mistake to assume that such courses are cheap: According to statistics gleaned from the academic year 2010/11, students taking part in online college courses still faced an average debt of almost $23,000.

It is understandable that prospective students would like to find a cheaper alternative and this is why fake college courses are so prominent. They offer a low cost course that seems to be legitimate until students discover that the college is not accredited. Unfortunately, it is too late at this point as they have been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Spotting a Scam
In the United States and most nations around the world, getting enrolled into college is a complicated process with lots of documentation involved. If you find an institution offering an online college course without needing to see a transcript with your application, or else they seemingly have few requirements, it is almost certain that you’re dealing with a scam. Diploma mills cleverly choose names that sound similar to prestigious universities around the world. It is common for scammers to add the word ‘state’ into the names of their faux colleges to make them sound legitimate.

7 Things to Look Out For
1.    Online college courses offering credits for real world experience.
2.    Payment is on a ‘per degree’ basis instead of the normal ‘per semester’ arrangement.
3.    Addresses that are actually box numbers.
4.    No communication with lecturers.
5.    Discounts for enrolling in several programs!
6.    Bachelor’s Degree programs that can be completed in a few months.
7.    Names similar to those of well-known universities.

Taking Care
State and federal agencies are working tirelessly to shut down the diploma mill and fake online college course scam but there are thousands of perpetrators and it is proving impossible to find and close them all down. If you fall for such a scam, you could spend months studying for a non-existent degree and be several thousand dollars out of pocket. Worst of all, it is possible that you’ll sign a document that forces you to adhere to expensive legal obligations that last for years.

Your best course of action is never to trust any online college degree course that purports to be the real deal until you are sure of their legitimacy. Merely accepting their claims of accreditation is foolish and you need to check with the Department of Education to verify the authenticity of the institution and the online college course they are offering. If the college offers a physical address, check it out. Compare the cost of the course to that of a reputable college in your area and if the entire process seems suspiciously easy, walk away! Your college education should be an avenue to a better life, don’t take chances and don’t allow diploma mills to relieve you of your cash.

Best Schools For Earning An Online MBA

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Even amidst the proliferation of college qualifications, an MBA degree is one of the most sought after in the world. It is a degree that could lead to a major role in an organization but the trouble is, finding genuine colleges amidst the plethora of diploma mills online is a difficult process. However, many people seeking an MBA degree need to go online because they are unable to attend a traditional educational institution for a variety of reasons. Yet there are a host of top notch accredited universities that offer legitimate MBA degrees and we give you the names of just five below.

Pennsylvania State University
This institution offers a wide range of MBA degree programs, all of which are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). In order to complete this program, you will need to complete 48 credits which are spread out over two years with four terms per year. For students attending in Fall 2012, each term costs $7,294 for a total of $58,532 over the 2 year course. There is also an initial application fee of $65. You have a range of financing options available including deferred payment and third party payments. Although it is expensive, Penn State offers one of the best online MBA degree courses in the world.

Kaplan University
This university is well known for the range of online programs it provides with their MBA degree a highly sought after qualification. One of its major selling points, along with the quality of the degree of course, is the cost. An online MBA degree from Kaplan University is one of the least expensive on the market and costs far less than what you’ll pay when studying online with other colleges. Expect to pay a total of $441 per credit hour with the number of hours available depending on whether you choose the specialization or non-specialization track. The former is 76 hours long for a total cost of $33,516 while the latter is 60 hours in length for a cost of $26,460. Additional fees include a technology fee of $50 a term and a one-off fee of $84.50. Choose between a variety of degrees including marketing, finance, project management and human resources. The Higher Learning Commission provides accreditation to Kaplan University.

Jones International University (JIU)
JIU offers a massive range of specializations when it comes to their online MBA degree including financial analysis, health care management, forensic accounting and negotiation & conflict management. An MBA degree in JIU costs $805 per tuition hour, a graduation fee of $100 and an estimated cost of book supplies of $2,040. The overall cost of the program is likely to be in the region of $31,120 with 36 program hours to be completed and a total course time of two years. JIU is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

As the world of business is more competitive than ever, merely having a bachelors or associate degree is not enough. An MBA degree on the other hand is a qualification that massively improves your chances of being employed and although it may seem expensive, its lifetime value is many times what you initially pay for it.