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Lynda customer reviews is a leader and innovator in the online, cloud-based learning and training space. The company is devoted to helping anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Many of the customers of, for example, are professionals within organizations that are tasked with imparting knowledge to various teams and departments as a continuing education initiative. Instead of designing those resources themselves, they can simply rely on the content already available through – which can then be customized and organized to fit their particular objectives and needs. accomplishes that through subscription services tailored to individuals, corporations, academics, government entities, and nonprofit agencies. Courses cover a variety of subjects and are taught by recognized experts. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in California with offices throughout the world.

Cloud-Based Learning delivers its digital training and tutorial content from a cloud-based platform that can be integrated into an organizations own network. Individuals can also learn on by selecting from the huge variety of different courses offered through the educational portal. There are tons of training videos available for viewing and download, and the site supports customers with a virtual help desk and a library that can be conveniently accessed from mobile devices.

Thousands of training modules are available in a variety of specialties including such things as web design, animation, audio and music, video, business, and education software. You can use to prepare for an SAT exam, to figure out what is the best way to launch an entrepreneurial enterprise, or to add credentials and certifications to your portfolio to be a more marketable employee or competitive business manager or owner.

Figure out how to set up training centers within a private or government organization and then outfit them with the most efficient software for teaching and communicating. Many federal, state, and local government agencies support their missions and teams with affordably-priced cloud-based video instruction available through Or you can gain access to an entire library of tutorials for developing creativity, maximizing human resources, or supporting academic teachers and students with video content for K-12 or higher education.

Free 10-Day Trial

New members are entitled to try out for 10 days, with unlimited access, absolutely free of charge. At the end of that period you have the option to cancel your membership. If you don’t cancel, then you will automatically be enrolled as a member with access to all of the website’s more than 3,500 different courses.

Membership Features 

All memberships include unlimited access to an entire library of video courses. Download the files the instructor uses to teach the course and then just follow along and learn by watching, listening, and practicing. New courses are added weekly, and oftentimes daily – and closed captioning is included. Certificates of completion are issued to verify training and there is a searchable transcript feature. You can track your progress with course histories, and organize learning using playlists and bookmarking tools.

Membership Levels

The most feature-rich option is premium annual membership, which allows you to download learning exercises that you can work along with the instructors. Premium membership also comes with the capability of offline viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

There are also Group Membership available, if you have a business, school, or other type of organization with at least five (or more) people who want to receive training. Prices for Group Memberships are not disclosed on, but if you want a Group Membership you can just contact the website and they will provide a price quote for membership.

Cost of Lynda Membership

Membership can be paid in increments of $24.99 per month, or in a one-time lump sum of $239.88. While paying up front for an entire year may be the less attractive option for some people, those who opt for this plan wind up getting a deep discount because it averages out to only $19.99 per month. That’s 20% off the regular monthly price for an annual savings of $60 – nearly enough to pay for an entire quarter of standard membership.

Gift Membership Options

There is also a gift membership plan, that allows you to purchase a membership for a recent graduate, a birthday gift, or an incentive award for an employee. You can choose whomever you want to receive the gift. There are three levels, and the current “gift card” menu explains that $24.99 buys one month of unlimited access while three months at that level is just $59. For $287 you can currently buy a gift of premium membership for a full year.

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