Learn iT! Anytime Review

Posted by admin on June 23, 2012 under Review | 2 Comments to Read

Learn iT! Anytime reviewsLearn iT! Anytime is yet another online learning option that promises to make education affordable to the masses. While the online training courses on offer from the site are not certified and certainly not comparable to the qualifications gained from a four year degree course, learning in this manner is a worthwhile endeavor as the skills learned can be used to get a job. Essentially, Learn iT! Anytime uses videos to train students in topics such as project management, graphic & web design, office software and a host of other computer & business subjects.

You can choose a monthly or annual package. The latter costs $198 a year with the company saying that it’s a better choice as it equals a stronger commitment to learning while also saving over $100 a year. However, the monthly option is probably the best choice for newcomers at $24.99 a month as you can discover whether or not the courses suit you. With both subscriptions, you have complete access to the Learn iT! Anytime library and email support which allows you to ask a teacher for help. Beyond the monthly contract, there are no other commitments you have to keep. There is also an option to host videos on your network with packages starting at $3,000. You can create your own videos from $850 a day with a separate license fee charge beginning at $2,000.

Learn iT! Anytime In Action
Once you subscribe to the site, you have unlimited access to their library for as long as your subscription lasts. This includes online videos, printable material, homework assignments, support and the ability to get in touch with instructors for advice. Videos are streamed in standard MP4 format which can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

One of the best things about Learn iT! Anytime is the fact that videos are specifically designed to help students try out the new skills they learn. Each segment pauses automatically and allows viewers to comprehend what they have learned and attempt to use the information practically. All topics are divided into modules which are in turn watered down into segments ranging from 3-8 minutes in length. It’s estimated that each complete module can be completed in a couple of hours and this includes the time spent implementing new skills. The assignments can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to complete depending on the subject.

Learn iT! Anytime is a cost effective method of learning new skills and the courses are well designed. Rather than just watching videos of teachers showing people what to do, each segment is designed to be an interactive experience which is of course the very essence of learning. There are various skill levels which test students new to the topic without overwhelming them. The packages on offer carry very reasonable price tags and are a viable learning option for those not ready for college or those unable to afford such an expensive education. About the only downside is the relatively low number of topics on offer. For example, Virtual Training Company has hundreds of choices. Nonetheless, Learn iT! Anytime is well worth a look if you want to learn more in the fields of business and computers.

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