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Whether you recently graduated from college or you’re looking to go back to school after a period of absence, you’ve decided to procure an MBA. However, you don’t want to get the best quality education for your dollar. Finding the right balance between the two can be difficult, but if you consider my research below, you’ll find a program just right for you that shares quality and affordability.

Louisiana State University

In U.S. News’s article entitled “10 M.B.A.’s With Most Financial Value at Graduation,” MBA programs are evaluated based on debt accrued versus a graduate’s achieved salary. Basically, it shows which schools have the best value despite any initial debt students may receive. Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge comes out at the top of the list since the average student debt is listed at $8,524 and the average starting salary is $54,914.

CUNY Baruch

Nicknamed CUNY Baruch, the City University of New York: Bernard M. Baruch College, has been listed as having a salary-to-debt ratio of 5.5. The average starting salary for a graduate of this school is $81,678, and the average debt for a graduate is $14,746. Even though more loans are taken out than students who graduated from Louisiana State University, graduates are expected to earn more money. This may be due to the school’s proximity to New York City which has a higher cost of living.

San Diego State

If you want to live in the beautiful state of California or if you already call this place home and don’t want to move, San Diego State University may be the perfect place for you to matriculate. This school comes highly suggested by U.S. News, and it ranks in third right behind the other two. The salary-to-debt ratio is listed at 4.1. for this institution. Graduates make an average of $59,236 with their starting salaries, and they have an average of $14,513 in student debt.

Arizona State University

If you’re interested in getting your MBA online, Business MBA’s article “Top 25 Best Value Online MBA Programs” points to Arizona State University as the best program available. The ASU Online MBA program is described as “an AACSB accredited distance MBA program. The program is 48 credit hours long and can be completed in two years.” The short period of time in which the program can be completed adds to its affordability factor. It’s also noted that the tuition and fees come out to $53,200, which can be significantly less than tuition at the traditional physical campuses.

Entering into an MBA program costs a significant sum of money, unless you qualify for a full scholarship or someone else is paying the tuition for you. If you want to stay frugal and avoid wasting any money, look into these schools to get the most for what you pay.

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